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The best comedy show ever![edit]

The Honeymooners is the best comedy show of all time. Ralph, Alice, Ed and Trixie were the best together! They hardly rehearsed their shows and performed them live without problems. Success with usually the same set, a table, 4 chairs a sink and refrigerator! Amazing!

I agree ... my absolute favorite!!!

Yes, they were and in my opinion still are the best/funniest show ever. As a kid I attended two of the live episodes because my father was one of the technicians working on the show. I remember meeting Alice, Ed and Trixie after one show but never Jackie Gleason. By the way my father was very proud of the fact that the classic 39 episodes looked so much better than the lost episodes -- it was do to his technical expertise.

In other Version[edit]

I remember a Swedish TV-show who looks like this called "Rena Rama Rolf", if you don't belive me watch this clip or ask someone on Swedish Wikipedia. Egon Eagle 21:34 december 2007 (CET)

Lost Episodes?[edit]

From the "plot" section: "Occasionally, references to earlier episodes were made, including to Ralph's various 'crazy harebrained schemes' from the lost episodes."

What "lost episodes"?

In the "Production" section, the picture caption says the show was filmed using "three Electronicams"; there are four cameras in the photo.