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Hello! My name is Yacht, from Canton, Mainland China. I have many interests, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Politics, Economy, Languages etc. But I will focus on sexual orientation and gay-related topics in Chinese/Cantonese Wikipedia, in the hope of a better understanding on gay community for straight people. I am planning to translated the LGBT related entries from English Wikipedia to Chinese/Cantonese Wikipedia. Hopefully, straight community can better and correctly understand and accept gay people. I am a supporter for gay rights, including same-sex marriage and adoption. My plan is showed as below:

My Language Background[edit]

My mother tough is Cantonese, which is slightly different from Standard Cantonese or Hong Kong Cantonese with more or less some accents from my local dialect which I am not very influent in. I also used Mandarin Chinese during my study in junior middle school, senior middle school and university. I can also speak some English. Beside, I am learning Spanish.



  • 性取向 - 同性戀 | 異性戀 | 雙性戀 | 第三性
  • 同志權利 - 同志平權運動 | 同性婚姻 | 公民結合 | 同志領養 | 雞姦法
  • 同志文化 - 彩虹旗 | 粉紅倒三角 | 同志酒吧 | 驕傲遊行 | 同志電影
  • 同志歷史 - 同志解放運動 | 針對同志嘅暴力 | 石墻暴動

Mandarin Chinese[edit]


  • 性取向 - 同性戀 | 異性戀 | 雙性戀 | 第三性
  • 同志權利 - 同志平權運動 | 同性婚姻 | 公民結合 | 同志領養 | 雞姦法
  • 同志文化 - 彩虹旗 | 粉紅倒三角 | 同志酒吧 | 驕傲遊行 | 同志電影
  • 同志歷史 - 同志解放運動 | 針對同志嘅暴力 | 石墻暴動

Everybody deserves a beautiful wedding[edit]



If you need a quick response from me, contact my at Cantonese Wikipedia! ^^

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